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Routing optimization
  • performance

The symfony routing system is one of the killer features of the framework.

<p>Please have a look on <php echo link_to('our products', 'product/index') ?>.</p>

Indicate in your template which module/action you want and then let routing.yml do all the job.

You can use the default rule:

  url:   /:module/:action/*

Or add a dedicated one:

  url:     /our-products
  param:   { module: product, action: index }

Clear your cache and all the related links and uri will be modified, all over the application.

It feels like magic, but it has a cost.

Each time the url request product/index is found in a template, symfony has to scan all the rules defined in routing.yml and guess which one can handle this request.
The default rule ? An other one ?

This search is done for all the links...

If your project have many pages and many routing rules, you can speed up your application by using rule labels instead of a module/action pairs in your templates:

<p>Please have a look on <php echo link_to('our products', '@product_list') ?>.</p>

This solution will speed up the routing, but the drawback is that internal links can become a little less self-evident.

It's up to you.

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