Check if your symfony application is ready for deployment

"Oops! An Error Occurred" error page
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This is the page displayed in the production environment when symfony catches an error.

Oops! An Error Occurred

Symfony looks for a error.html.php file and let you choose where you prefer to put it:

  1. At mySfProject/apps/frontend/config/error/error.html.php

    Useful if you want to have a different version for each application

  2. At mySfProject/config/error/error.html.php

    The main configuration folder of your project

If you want, you can grab the original file and modify it.

Display the "Oops! An Error Occurred" page to test it

In an action that works fine, add on top:

throw new Exception('Only for test, don\'t forget to remove it!');

Test the related page in the production environement.